Introduction of Vietnam Business Integrity Network – VBIN

Background & Necessity
  • In 2020, 5.4% of Vietnamese businesses have to pay over 10% of their revenue for informal fees (VCCI, PCI 2020 Report).
  • The proportion of businesses agreeing that “paying ‘commission’ is necessary to have a chance of winning the bid” was 41.2%.
  • Since 2011, according to the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard, the scores of listed companies on Vietnam’s stock market over the years have showed that the quality of governance application is still low and have not yet met the standards that ASEAN is aiming for.
  • There is an increasing need by different stakeholders such as investors, suppliers, customers, banks for information about business integrity and information transparency:
    • Access to capital and credit
    • Selection of buyers/ suppliers, especially in process of international integration and participation in global supply chain

In that context, VCCI has proposed the idea of establishing the Vietnam Business Integrity Network (VBIN).

The Vietnam Business Integrity Network

Vietnam Business Integrity Network – VBIN is an initiative initiated by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the generous support from the UK Prosperity Fund through the Regional Project “Promoting Fair Business Environment in ASEAN – FairBiz” of the United Nations Development Program – UNDP. VBIN is a new initiative, a business-led and business-oriented network with focus on business integrity.

  • In Vietnamese: Mạng lưới Doanh nghiệp Kinh doanh Liêm chính Việt Nam – VBIN
  • In English: Vietnam Business Integrity Network – VBIN


Missions & Objectives
Missions of VBIN:
  • Being a business-oriented, business-led initiative to mobilize the collective participation of the business community towards ensuring transparency and business integrity;
  • Actively promoting good corporate governance through proactive applying good standards, practices/business models, fully complying with legal regulations and enhancing international economic integration.
Objectives of VBIN:
  • Promote awareness of business community (included both domestic and foreign companies) on integrity in doing business with an aim at sustainable development;
  • Strengthen the actions of business leaders on good business integrity principles and practices and the adoption of such principles and practices in their businesses;
  • Promoting the participation of different stakeholders (businesses, associations, NGOs, donors, government agencies) to engage in effective public and private dialogue to create enabling environment and a business culture for responsible business practices and mitigation of fraud and corruption in doing business.
Target beneficiaries of VBIN

Target groups


a) Enterprises are currently listed on the stock market

  • Requirements for information transparency and integrity in accordance with the Enterprise Law, the Securities Law on and other relevant legal documents
  • Requirements from the market

b) Public joint stock enterprises

  • Requirements for information transparency and integrity in accordance with the Enterprise Law, the Securities Law on and other relevant legal documents
  • Requirements from the market

c) State owned enterprises (SOEs)

  • Requirements for information transparency and integrity in accordance with the Enterprise Law, Decree No.81/2015/NĐ-CP stipulated on information disclosure of SOEs, and other relevant legal documents
  • Requirements from the market

d) Joint stock and other enterprises (Vietnamese enterprises and FDI enterprises).

  • Requirements for information transparency and integrity in accordance with the Enterprise Law
  • Requirements from the market

e) Consulting firms, law firms, accounting and auditing firms

  • These firms are important units for advocacy efforts, contributing to information transparency, business integrity

Joining VBIN will bring specific benefits to target businesses as follows: 

  • Supporting businesses to raise awareness and take concrete action on meeting an intrinsic and essential need to do business with integrity, thereby enhancing competitiveness, and sustainable development of their own business.
  • Helping businesses improve their image and enforce good business integrity practices, thereby facilitating market access (e.g., to importers, buyers, or customers having concerns about issues of corporate social responsibility), helping to access resources (e.g., when borrowing from banks, credit).
  • Helping businesses better enforce the law on business integrity and information transparency.
  • Building a new platform for businesses to participate in implementing their social responsibility.
Activities & Operating principles

Communication, raising awareness:

  • Organizing workshops, conferences/forums providing information across the country to improve communication activities on information transparency and integrity.
  • Implementing other activities such as evaluating and ranking enterprises with good practices on transparency and integrity; preparing VBIN’s annual business integrity report to raise awareness of better consistency and transparency in the business community; or building a database on enterprises with information on business integrity, levels of information transparency.

Consulting, capacity building

  • Consulting on building internal policies on information transparency and business integrity for enterpries having demand or for government agencies having demand;
  • Training, raising awarenes on transparency and business integrity issuess.

Policy recommendation

  • Building the VBIN Annual Report on transparency and business integrity.
  • Organizing policy dialogue forums, gathering feedbacks and comments on regulations related to information transparency, business integrity, removing difficulties for businesses.
  • Conducting researches to analyze and evaluate the impact of corruption on the competitiveness of enterprises when participating in global supply chains; defining the conditions and practices that cause an increase in corruption in private sector; and thereby recommending policies to create favorable conditions for VBIN members.

International cooperation

  • Actively participating in international initiatives to promote consistancy and transparency in business activities; updating international trends to select in order to apply in Vietnam;
  • Sharing domestic practices to international partners showing Vietnam’s efforts to contribute the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainability Development, especially Goal No.16.


Operating principles:
  • Initiated and managed by VCCI in its formulation and implementation with pioneering of businesses
  • Strong participation and commitment of domestic and foreign enterprises
  • Active participation and support of public sector, government agencies
  • Self-sustaining financially, as such service-oriented
  • Easy to be set up and to be sustained institutionally
Organizational structure VBIN