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Transparent Governance-Foundation of Business Integrity

On past 8th July, 2021, Vietnam Association for Women Entrepreneurs (VAWE) became the 15th member which have signed the Business Integrity Pledge and expressed strong support to the objectives of  Vietnam Business Integrity Network -VBIN. This is an initiative implemented by VCCI and a key component under the UNDP’s Regional Project “Promoting A Fair Business Environment in ASEAN”  funded by the UK Government under ASEAN Economic Reform Programme.

                   Representatives of UNDP, VCCI, VAWE and spearkers were at the virtual workshop

In order to make an official appearance as the 15th member of this network, VAWE coordinated with VCCI, UNDP and British Embassy to co-organize the online workshop titled “Transparent Governance- Foundation of Business Integrity” on 26th August, 2021. At the workshop, female entrepreneurs have shared the basic principles of transparent governance through corporate governance and financial management. Thereby, women entrepreneurs need to carefully consider what they are building towards good corporate governance and sustainable management system.


In addition to the participation of  the organizer board, the workshop have brought together more than 160 delegates being as VAWE Executive Committee members, women entrepreneurs, heads of management, finance and human resources departments from VAWE memberships and the 28 Provincial Women’s Business Associations. Even during the affected condition of the Covid-19 pandemic, a large number of women entrepreneurs still attended the workshop from across the country. This positive sign proved that female-owned enterprises have paid great attention to navigate their businesses in accordance to the standards of business with proactive implementation of business integrity towards long-term sustainable development in the future.

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