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Which areas are at high risk of corruption?

Corruption in the field of economic management

Economic management is the most common area of ​​corruption with the highest frequency and enormous assets. In this field, corruption often occurs in state annual budget preparation and approval; management of State revenues collection; State budget expenditure management; in business management.

Corruption in public financial management

There is no doubt that public financial management including use of state budget, public property management are the “gold mines” for those who commit acts of corruption. One of the main reasons that corruption increases in this area relates to the thought of some civil servants that state assets are free of charge. In area of public financial management, corrupt practices mainly occur in units that are entitled to state budget and assigned to manage state assets.

Corruption in the credit and banking

Credit and banking appear to be one of the areas where corruption is happening extremely seriously. This area always creates favorable conditions for corruption to increase, sustain and develop. In fact, most of the corruption cases that have taken place for the past period are partly related to the credit and banking sectors.

Corruption in investment and capital construction

The investment and construction sector seems to be one of the areas at very high risk of corruption. The specificity of this area that uses a huge public capital but management is not inadequate which cause the losses and improper use of state budget. In this area, corruption or bribery are taken in all processes from planning, project formulating, approving, designing implementing, inspecting, monitoring and taking over, payment …etc.      

Corruption in the health and education

Since health and education are the essential needs of the whole society, corruption occurred in this areas seem very sensitive and frustrating. In public health, the people are concerned with professional ethics of medical team, doctors who lack sense of responsibility to patients; medicine prices are unreasonably high, drug control is not strictly implemented… In education and training, corruption has caused a lot of frustration in the society, depletion of the educational quality, ruin of professional reputation. In education, acts of corruption are detected in various processes such as enrollment, examination, assessment, evaluation and tutoring, fee collection, training equipment, degrees, certificates …

Corruption in the judiciary and inspectorate

Justice, inspection and examination serve law protection, ensure law enforcement impartial and strict. However right in this area, a part of officials has abused power and position for personal gain or abetted corruption.