About us

Promoting business community in Vietnam towards business integrity

Why business integrity is important?

To deal with obstacles in bureaucratic procedures imposed by some governmental officers, bribery is given and in result the hinder is removed. But the difficulty does not stop, even increases because of the motive for benefits. Hence from being the victim, business becomes the agent to promote bribery.

More dangerously, bribery turns into a contagious disease speeding from public to private sector where bribery is committed both internally and externally in businesses: bribery offering to superiors, appropriation of public asset, abuse of power to gain individual benefit …etc. The businesses are degraded internally. 

Bribery wastes an unofficial expense but more importantly business competition is depleted, lost investment opportunities due to lacking of transparent policies. While gaining little benefit in short term, companies lost future development, even encounter to severe legal consequences.  


Who we are

Being established on 3 August 2008 by VCCI Chairman and President, the Office for Business Sustainable Development (SDforB) is a dependent accounting entity of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) allowing to use its own stamp, and to open its bank account in Vietnam Dong and foreign currency for transaction.

SDforB works to advise, recommend and consult to the Standing Department of VCCI as well as a relevant government in policy planning, facilitating legal corridor supported business sustainable development.  As a key task, SDforB makes effort to facilitate, guide business community and entrepreneurs in Vietnam for sustainable development and international integration. The activities while raising awareness, consulting and building capacity, stimulating good practice of responsible business in Vietnam aim to effectively implement the 2030 Sustainable Development promoted by UN.

Since transparent governance and business integrity are the root of sustainable development, SDforB have been undertaking various initiatives that improve business climate, facilitate responsible business toward sustainable development for Vietnam in long term.

The milestones in past 10 years of SDforB – VCCI:   

What we do

With the results gained through ITBI and Project 12, since 2016 VCCI has carried out various activities in promoting integrity in Vietnam such as the sub-project “supporting SMEs in anti-corruption”, Government – Business Integrity Initiative sponsored by UK Prosperity Fund, the regional project “Promoting Fair Business in ASEAN” carried out by UNDP aimed to boost business governance more accountably and sustainably in Vietnam.

In scope of communication and awareness raising:

  • To organize workshops, conferences and forums disseminated information, shared experience and promoted good practices on business integrity for nearly 1000 participants from business community.
  • To engage the participants from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh’s business associations in anti-corruption which resulted in the “Pledge to business integrity” made by 14 business association. VCCI supported VACOD, FFA in Ho Chi Minh … to facilitate their members in application of business integrity.  

Training and capacity building

  • To provide training activities for nearly 2000 participants from business community such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Thai Nguyen, Vinh Phuc, Cuu Long Rever Delta Areas, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Thanh Hoa, Thai Nguyen, Ninh Binh …etc.
  • To provide technical assistance for 3 enterprises in building a successful pilot model of internal control mechanism application for Vinalines (2 periods from 2019-2020); development of CoC for Fine Scandanvia (2019) and further support to Traphaco to standardize internal control mechanism and its Control/Audit Board (2021).
  • To conduct online training toolkit disseminating the knowledge and give answer to questions in concerning with compliance of business integrity.  
  • To publish the Manual on Application of Internal Controls and Code of Conduct in Business.

Research and Policy advocacy

  • To host the Business Forum on “Improving business competitiveness – making integrity in the core of business” during the official visit of British PM David Cameron to Vietnam
  • To organize a study-visit for the department-level leaders from the OOG, GI, Central Internal Department … in UK to study the practice and learn experience on integrity application in public and private sector.
  • To call for comments and recommendation to the draft law of anti-corruption (2018) and the degree No. 59 guiding the implementation of ACL.
  • To conduct a policy paper recommended feasible solutions to prevent corruption in business and proposed the Government – Business Integrity Initiative (GBII) for promoting corporate engagement in anti-corruption and enhancing the fresh business climate, boosting fair and compliance with law.      
  • To study the business situation in application of internal control mechanism and CoC; to provide online training programmes on application of internal controls and CoC thus to promote compliance with ACL (2018) and proactively develop policies/mechanism for better governance and sustainable development.     
  • To actively initiate the idea and work out to develop “Vietnam Business Integrity Network” project which mobilize collective effort and make consensus on anti-corruption in business and provide support services to businesses.

International collaboration

  • In cooperation with IBLF Global to localize the Anti-corruption toolkit for SMEs developed by G20 Leaders.
  • In coordination with the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam, OECD and UNDP to host successfully the 10th Regional Conference on Anti-corruption Initiative for Asia and Pacific and other relevant activities.  
Our partners
  • British Embassy in Hanoi: UK Government committed the support and long term partnership with such organizations in Vietnam as VCCI, Government Inspectorate, Ministry of Justice, Supreme People Court, UNDP Vietnam … through ASEAN Economic Reform Programme sponsored by UK Prosperity Fund. In Vietnam, various programmes and projects are implemented to comply with UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), strongly promote business integrity associated with culture of compliance, complete legal framework in commercial dispute resolution, provide with an international view of legal reform.
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP): under the framework of FairBiz Project aimed to promote fair business environment in ASEAN, UNDP in cooperation with SDforB takes the activities to enhance transparency in private sector, encourage business integrity, minimize the risk of corruption and thus build fair business.  
  • IBLF Global (www.iblfglobal.org): this is an independent not-for-profit organization providing consultancy for companies, financial institutions, investment funds, government agencies on business practices in challenging markets, recommending solutions for anti-corruption and relevant risks in business and supply chain. IBLF Global have implemented a lot projects in emerging economies and developing nations such as Russia, Turkey, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, China and ASEAN countries. In Vietnam, IBLF sustains a long partnership with VCCI, the governmental agencies and UNDP.