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Training on applying internal control mechanism and codes of conduct in business in Nghe An province

A survey on the current situation of application of internal controls and codes of conduct at Vietnamese businesses was conducted and the survey results were published in March 2019. The survey showed that businesses were basically aware of internal controls and codes of conduct but had low interest in their application. About 40-50% of interviewed businesses (239 businesses) did not fully or correctly understand the definitions of codes of conduct and internal controls. Many aspects of internal controls were not fully applied, including, for example, the assessment of work performance, risk identification, resources for internal controls-related functions, staff capacity building. One of reasons for these shortcomings, include the lack of specific guidance and training for staff on the benefits of these efforts and how to effectively apply internal controls and code of conduct in their work. For codes of conduct, an assessment of compliance with the code was not included in year-end appraisals. It was not considered an important part of doing business.

In the framework of the « Government-Business Integrity Initiative –GBII », the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) delivers a training course with the topic “Guidance on the application of Internal control System and Code of conduct in business” on Thursday, 26th November 2020 (01 day from 8a.m to 5p.m) in Beijing Hotel (Location:110Mai Hac De, Vinh city, Nghe An). This training aims to provide overall introduction of internal control mechanism and code of conduct for businesses. The program is funded by the UK Prosperity fund within the Regional project on “Promoting a Fair Environment in ASEAN” implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Through this training, businesses will achieve these following outcomes:

  • Understand the three lines models and common business risks in current economic context;
  • Role of internal control mechanism and code of conduct, current international practice and legislation in Vietnam;
  • Methodology, development and implementation process of internal control mechanism and code of conduct;

Target audiences:

  • Board of Directors, Board of Management;
  • Head of division and Supervisory Board staff , internal audit division, legal department;
  • Head of division and accounting-finance staff;
  • Head of division who have limited understanding on internal control system and code of conduct;
  • Other relevant personnel.

Expected experts: Highly experienced experts from Academy of finance; International Collaboration Department-Vietnam National University

The training aims to support businesses and does not charge any entry fees. At the program, documents, tea breaks and luncheon are provided. Each company registers 01 participant.



Time and place
  • Thursday, 26th November 2020 (01 day from 8a.m to 5p.m)
  • Beijing Hotel (Location:110Mai Hac De, Vinh city, Nghe An)

Please kindly send registration form (name, position, address, email, mobile) email: xuandtb@vcci.com.vn until 23/11/2020 (contact Ms Xuan: 024-35743492). Organizer will stop receiving attendance ahead of time if the expected number of participants is reached.

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